Topic: Stuck Unziping Elevation maps

Has sat here for at least 30 min and nothing has changed in progress. … 9ee863.png
Top left is where its stuck. below that is what its trying to generate. Right side are my settings.
What am I missing?

Re: Stuck Unziping Elevation maps


In most cases, you need to cancel the generation and start again.
All parts are have already been downloaded, so RWT will immediately start unpacking.

If the problem persists:
1. Open «{PROJECT FOLDER} / RWT_Cache / Heightmaps».
2. Make sure that you have one or more «» files.
3. Unpack «srtm_XX_XX.asc» files from the archive into the current folder.
4. Start the generation again.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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