Topic: Ability to draw (scaled) shapes

Would it be difficult to have the ability to add shapes to the map, that scale when the camera zooms in/out?
By this, I mean:

1)  Pick a Lat/Long position, and a radius (in miles or km), and the system draws a circle centered at the position with a radius of the number of miles/km you selected.

3) Pick two points (Lat/Long) and create line between them.

2) Pick a series of Lat/Long points (3 or more), connect them with lines, to create a polygon (like a triangle, square, hexagon, etc).

Re: Ability to draw (scaled) shapes


Online Maps already has Drawing API, so you can draw on the map.
Example: … ample.html

1. Drawing API has no way to draw circles, but you can easily work around this in many ways, for example using a polygon, or position the circle GameObject. … 1035#p1035 … 1042#p1042

2, 3. Already implemented.

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Re: Ability to draw (scaled) shapes

Great!   Many thanks for the quick response.