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Topic: OnlineMapsMarker3D always visible issue

Let me explain what i mean:
Imagine having a large 3D marker that scales around whole city and is scaled according to zoom.
The marker has "one" position - center/pivot point and when i am zoomed into the map and the
marker center is no longer visible (scales around a whole city) the whole marker becomes invisible?
This is on Desktop and Mobile and even in Editor.
So is it possible to have a OnlineMapsMarker3D always visible?
Am i doing something wrong?

Re: OnlineMapsMarker3D always visible issue


Use OnlineMapsMarker3D.checkMapBoundaries = FALSE so that the 3D marker is active outside the map view.
http://infinity-code.com/doxygen/online … bf394954f6

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Re: OnlineMapsMarker3D always visible issue

Thank you, i totally missed that, it works as expected. BR