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For smaller terrains this tool is amazing , but I am trying to generate a huge open world environment and there is a few things that are hindering my progress , these are the best solutions I could think of.

1 - It would be real nice if you could automatically place 1 or 9 terrains in to their own individual scenes.(For lod setting up afterwards)

2 - Once this is done , if you could throttle the processing usage and change it to a background process so you could start working on the first scene whilst the others are generated slowly in the background without much impact on system performance , If the progress could be saved and reloaded so you could leave unity and come back to the project later and continue the schedule it would be awesome. Also the gi cache becomes huge the way your tool currently works , with these first two features included could the cache be cleared of everything other than the scene currently loaded when each scene has finished being generated in the background ?

3 - The google map helper had a way of locking the length or overall area of the  frame dimensions for accurate grabbing , or maybe a snap to increment setting , also if you could preview and adjust the terrain divisions in this tool it would be cool.

4 - If the first three were possible I would love to be able to create 1 very low quality overall terrain separately that could be thrown in to each scene or created as a separate asset to work with as a default lowest quality lod model , literally a 10 mile off horizon , I own Mesh to Terrain so maybe you could work that inverted as an integration and convert this lo res terrain to a mesh for every scene or as an asset to be used in each scene with the current terrain cut out of the object..

I know these are very specific requests but It would make my life a lot easier ,  I would rather give you another $100 and have these features included if they are useful to others than use another separate publishers asset and all the teething problems that come with using multiple asset packages in a project.

Anyways keep up the amazingly good work .

Re: Open World Tools


1, 2. Real World Terrain v3 supports WorldStreamer.
This is asset (from third-party developer), that makes what you write.
I see no reason to add a feature that is already implemented in another asset.
If you use RWT v2.x, you also can use WorldStreamer, but it's just a little bit more difficult.

3. Thanks for the suggestion. I think it will be useful, and we'll implement it.

4. You can easily make an additional low quality terrain, and place it into an another scene.
This is a fairly specific feature that will not be used by other users.
If at least another two users write that they need it, we will add this feature.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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