Topic: Real World Terrain v3 beta [Completed]


We start beta testing of Real World Terrain v3.
All users who already have Real World Terrain v2.x can download it through a built-in update system.

Important: Real World Terrain v3 is written from scratch and is not compatible with Real World Terrain v2.x.

Main new features:

  • Integration with EasyRoads3D v3, Online Maps, Volume Grass, WorldStreamer.

  • Set of tools to search for location and objects on the terrain, working with POI, etc.

  • Set of tools for post-processing textures.

  • Import / export of RAW data.

  • Real World Terrain API.

  • Supports the latest versions of Unity Editor.


  • Open the project that contains Real World Terrain v2.x.

  • Open the built-in update system (Window / Infinity Code / Real World Terrain / Check Updates).

  • Enter your invoice number and select a channel - beta.

  • Download the new version.

  • Import package into a new project (or remove the older version of Real World Terrain).

Please report us about the found problems.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: Real World Terrain v3 beta [Completed]

I have been away from this asset for a long time (working on non-Unity projects), but I am about to use it now and am grateful for all the improvements you have put into version 3. I am very excited about the integrations with EasyRoad3D v3, Volume Grass, and WorldStreamer, as those are all assets I will be using in this project. Thank you.