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Topic: Elevation Tiles


Im modify OnlineMapsTiledElevationManager to read elevation tiles only from zoom 13 and I load elevation tiles from Streaming Assets for a specific area.

I notice that while I zoom out, the map using the following code, is not zooming out "smooth" enough. It gets a little bit laggy.

I use this code for Zoom out:

public void ZoomIn() {

            if (!isAnim) {
                startZoom = OnlineMaps.instance.zoom;
                targetZoom = OnlineMaps.instance.zoom + 1;
                progress = 0;
                isAnim = true;

// Smooth Zoom
void Update() {

            if (progress <= 1 && isAnim) {
                progress += Time.deltaTime / duration;

                if (progress >= 1) {
                    progress = 1;
                    isAnim = false;               

                float zoom = Mathf.Lerp(startZoom, targetZoom, progress);
                OnlineMaps.instance.floatZoom = zoom;

I also noticed that on a windows 10 and above the 3D elevation is not visible on map, its flat. It loads tiles, I can read elevation values for a specific coordinates. On Mac OSX standalone the 3D elevation is visible. This issue happening only on windows 10 and above.

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Re: Elevation Tiles


What do you mean by "a little bit laggy"?

In general, your code looks correct (I haven't tested it), except for two things:
1. ZoomIn method won't do anything if the animation is already running.
2. If you currently have a non-integer zoom (like 13.6), ZoomIn method will do an animation from 13 to 14 which will look like a jump.

Unfortunately, I can't comment on how elevations work on Win10, 11 because the class you attached doesn't have your implementation of loading from Streaming Assets.
First of all you need to look for a problem in the loading implementation.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: Elevation Tiles

Problem solved. Just found the problem.

My app is a standalone and works offline.

I was loading elevation tiles from streaming assets and for missing tiles was requesting through  OnlineMapsMapboxElevationManager.instance.StartDownloadElevationTile(tile) and that was causing the small delay!! Because there was no internet connection and was requesting to download those missing tiles. I modify the code and now works. Also the Win 10 issue solve too.

thank you very much!