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I'm using Online Maps v3 for a URP Unity project, but the map material is pink.
I read in the documentation that Online Maps v3 is incompatible with SRP, but URP and HDRP should work.
Can you give me some advice, please?

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Andrei M!

Re: Pink Screen - URP


Online Maps is compatible with all Render Pipelines, but the examples are made for Built-in RP.
If you create a new map using the wizard, it will have the correct shader settings.
To make the examples work for another RP, you just need to specify the correct shaders.

For Tileset, the correct URP shaders are (Tileset / Materials & Shaders):
Tileset Shader - TilesetPBRShader, Marker Shader - TilesetPBRMarkerShader, Drawing Shader - TilesetPBRDrawingElement.
In addition, Tileset automatically detects that SRP is being used and shows a warning at the beginning of the component with a button to automatically fix the problem.

For Texture Control, you will need to manually select the correct shader in the material settings.

For the other Controls, the current RP does not matter.

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Infinity Code Team.

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