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Topic: Make MAXZOOM a float instead of int

I think in terms of ux it is much better to set the maxzoom to e.g. 20.99 instead of 21. Why? When fully zooming in and reaching 21 the asset starts loading a new LOD level which often takes a while to load. With 20.99 the map already had time to load while the user was zooming in, so there's not this hard loading effect. Others may also appreciate setting the value to e.g. 19.5 or something that's inbetween the int values.
Also, please think about making the min and max zoom variables serialized fields. After every asset update I need to adapt those values to my custom needs. Cheers

Re: Make MAXZOOM a float instead of int


Thanks for your request.
I wrote it down and will try to implement it in the next version.

To have a maximum zoom - 19.5 use Limits component.
And using this component, you can specify the zoom range you want, and you won't need to adapt this values every update.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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