Topic: Urban Design App, Buildings generation

Hi guys,

First, thank you for the great package. I previously was using Mapbox SDK, and it was a pain.
I am developing an urban design app and need Mapbox integration to be able to place my own buildings on the map.
After reading your manual and some posts here I wanted to ask a couple of questions:

1. Buildings mesh generation seems very slow compare to Mapbox SDK? Am I doing something wrong. Plus I had to wait about 15-30sec before it actually starts generating meshes.

2. You got the script for the search panel which uses Google Maps API. Do you have an alternative one for Mapbox?

3. How to control size / resolution of the texture of the map, so it looks a bit sharper

Thank you

Re: Urban Design App, Buildings generation


1. The problem here is not Online Maps, but OSM Overpass servers.
In some cases, this can return data very slowly.
Try to select a different server in Online Maps / Troubleshooting / Overpass Server.
Hope this helps.

2. Online Maps does not provide classes for working with the Mapbox API, but you can make a request and process the response yourself. It only takes a few lines of code.

3. Online Maps / Width and Height (pixels) works as resolution.
Tileset / Size In Scene allows you to specify the size of the map in the scene.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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