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Topic: Any way to combine Real World Terrain and Online maps ?

Both solutions are interesting, but it would be great if they could be "combined".

My app uses 2 RWT :

A “small” terrain :
31x45 km
8  8096x8096 textures
zoom level : 17

A large terrain (the surroundings) :
1 4096x4096 texture
zoom level : 12

The small terrain is above the large one, so I have a nice view of the horizon and colliders prevent to reach the low resolution terrain.

But even at zoom at 17, the small terrain is not very detailed. So I am wondering if it would be possible, using OLMaps, to superpose a smaller area (1kmx1km ?) downloading tiles in real time if there is an internet connection, and only if needed (I mean when the camera is close to the ground), OLMaps tiles “replacing” if possible the RWT tiles, and following the camera of course.

Or maybe it would be better to use only OLMaps, but I can't have the same aspect of the map with this asset.

Any idea welcome !

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Re: Any way to combine Real World Terrain and Online maps ?


To do this use RealTilesetSizeExample + FollowGameObject scripts.

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