Topic: CustomMarkerEngine on RenderTexture are misplaced

I am currently using RenderTexture to render Map on UI and also custom markers using CustomMarkerEngine , the markers are wrongly placed and updates incorrectly too, any help I get would be useful.
Attaching screenshot for reference.

Re: CustomMarkerEngine on RenderTexture are misplaced


When you use Render Texture, the map can be displayed anywhere on the screen without knowing exactly where.
In other words, it breaks the conversion from coordinates to screen position and vice versa.
To fix this, you need to convert the screen position to Render Texture position.
See Tileset On UI example scene and OnlineMapsRawImageTouchForwarder script for how to do this.

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Re: CustomMarkerEngine on RenderTexture are misplaced

Hi ,
Yes, I am using OnlineMapsRawImageTouchForwarder also have followed the instructions on your YouTube video to achieve this, problem arises when I  use CustomMarkerEngine to render my custom UI Markers , the markers are not where they are supposed to be.
Attaching another Screenshot for reference.
Yellow boxes indicate the reference of container for the markers.
The Green box indicates how the markers are misplaced.

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