Topic: HDRP Terrain layers - no textures

Hi, I have successfully converted a mesh textured with a satellite image into 8x5 terrain tiles. Each tile has the correct texture, exactly as the mesh. However, in HDRP, when I try to paint over it with new terrain layers, e.g. grass or gravel, the textures are not visible. Any new layer, no matter what texture it contains, turns into a solid color. This has worked using the built in render pipeline. What can be done?

Re: HDRP Terrain layers - no textures


I've never used HDRP before.
But for your request, I checked this and it works correctly on my side.
Video: … P.mp4?dl=0

Unfortunately, I do not know what to advise in your case.
Try asking in the appropriate section of Unity forum, I hope they can help you there: … eline.386/

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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