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Topic: It's generating empty terrains

I have had a few terrains generate successfully but it seems random.  In most cases, I get a result that looks like this.  If I use "auto detect" for the bounds it does this same thing too.  Which parameters might be causing this?  Thanks.

Is there a limit to how many triangles the mesh being converted can have?

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Re: It's generating empty terrains


I think the problem is in Adjust size of meshes.
If you can send me your mesh as a package by email (support-infinity-code.com), I will check it and give you detailed recommendations on how to fix the problem.

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Infinity Code Team.

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Re: It's generating empty terrains

Thanks, Alex.  Unchecking "Adjust size of meshes" did fix it.  I will email you the package later on if I have additional questions as I try to get the best possible result for my mesh.