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Topic: Bug: Loading overlays for tiles without main imagery

Hi all,

We noticed when we had overlay imagery which exceeded the maximum resolution of imagery available from the online source, the overlay imagery at higher zoom levels wouldn't load in. This would occur for both the back and front overlays. I have attached screenshots of a proposed fix.

The diff screenshots show the code as it was on the left and the code as we have it on the right.

In the shader graph part of the fix, we added an ST for both the back and front overlays, this should help with compatibility between the shader graph and older implementations.

With both of these in place, we are able to zoom all the way to level 23 using online map data to level 16 and overlay data to level 20.


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Re: Bug: Loading overlays for tiles without main imagery


Thanks for the bug report and your proposal for a fix.
Implemented. The next version of Online Maps will contain this.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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