Topic: How to do this with OLMaps ?

I bought this asset a few months ago : … ion-134882
but it doesn't work very well, and as I am a big fan of your assets, I am wondering how I could achieve this with OLMaps.
It could  be easier and more efficient than adding another asset to my project.
Any idea most welcome !

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Re: How to do this with OLMaps ?


This can be done using Online Maps in this way: … 5614#p5614
But keep in mind that Online Maps is not designed for such things.
You won't see the map, but it will still download tiles, draw 3D meshes, use memory and CPU.

In general, it's not a problem to make such AR solution based on Online Maps (I mean that it works optimally).
Online Maps already has all the required APIs for this.
But, I do not do development for AR / VR, and do not really want to dive into this specifics.

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Re: How to do this with OLMaps ?

Thanks for the information, I'll try !
Best regards