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I don't know if this is an obvious question but, I received the whole project already started and I'm not too familiar with Shader Editor. I need my map to look like Google Maps one, like unlit shader, white, clean.

Is there any tutorial or documentation of how to change the material settings so I can make that looking?


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You can specify which shader should be used in Tileset / Materials & Shaders / Tileset Shader.

For Standard Render Pipeline:
If you are not using overlay then use Unlit / Texture shader.
If you are using overlay a complete Unlit shader is attached.

You can easily make your own Unlit shader using TilesetPBRShader graph as an example.

Or you can work around the light issue for any render pipeline in this way:
Remove all light from the scene.
Open Lighting Settings (Window / Rendering / Lighting).
Environment / Environment Lighting Source - Color.
Ambient Color - White.

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That made it! Thank you!