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I'm just starting to use the Buildings script. It seems to take quite a while until a decent amount of buildings are drawn when zooming out just a little (say 17.5 for example). I assume this mainly depends on the duration of the web-requests, right? Is there any way to improve the load time?
Also, it would probably be great to have some kind of caching in place. When moving around a little more and then coming back it seems the buildings that have been drawn before are not there anymore and need another webrequest. This can be seen in the Buildings example script that ships with the asset for instance.
Finally: I guess this would only make sense with a caching in place, but I would love to preload buildings of a certain area. I have a home-base basically where I know the player will zoom into and it would be great to have those buildings already loaded via webrequest ready to be placed and enabled. Any chance for this to happen any time soon?
Note that I'm also willing to come up with my own code to fix the above issues, but it would be great to hear some insight from your part and maybe give some clues on where best do integrate what part.



Re: Building script question


Yes, the problem here is the request duration.
Zoom 17 for a metropolis can contain a lot of buildings. The server needs to generate, and the map needs to process this large (sometimes tens of megabytes) response.
We have plans to rework the building system so that the map makes a few small requests instead of a large one. Responses for small, tile-based requests can be easily cached.
Unfortunately, I cannot say when it will be ready. Hopefully this year.

In fact, I already have a script for tile buildings with caching.
But I do not want to post this on the forum, because soon (more or less) it will be implemented in the asset and will confuse users.
If you want, send me an email ( and I will send you this script.