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Hello, I don't yet have this asset but I was wondering about what parts of it need paid subscriptions to third party services and which are essentially free. I know the Google and Bing apis require paid subs, but I think the OpenStreetMaps is a free api right?What about the satellite images? Also in the cases of using a paid service, I saw that this asset allows some level of downloading data to local storage, is it actually possible to download the entire planet data for say something like terrain heightmaps and 3d building dimensions, in order to avoid needing to use any third party services (after the initial data download), or is that just going to be way too much data?

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Paid subscriptions depend on the services you plan to use.
Online Maps contains paid and free sources of tiles and services.
Online Maps has no hidden paid services, so you decide which service you want to use.

Satellite imagery fees are also source dependent.
For example, in ArcGIS it is free and does not use keys.
An official example: … p-tile.htm

You cannot download the entire world, simply because it will require terabytes (and in some cases petabytes) of free space.

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cool, thanks for the info.

Is there a way to traverse the map infinitely and have it constantly pull in the new tiles and load them in? So for example on this video: at some point I imagine new textures, tile data would need to be loaded in if the car got far enough from the starting position.

if loading in these new tiles is supported, how is the performance, does it use multi threading/coroutines/etc to pull in the data and do relevant calculations for terrain elevation, building placement, etc?

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Online Maps automatically downloads required tiles and unloads unused tiles.
Actually, this is the basic thing for any mapping solution.

The map can be infinite horizontally, and is limited to latitude from 90 to -90 vertically.

Yes, Online Maps uses multithreading and coroutines where required and has good performance.

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ok thanks