Topic: hit on objects

Is possible to make an object appear or disappear on click in the same panorama?
Example, I want click on a table (not on a red hotspot) in the room and it disappear. 

Re: hit on objects


Unfortunately I didn't understand what the table is in your example.
Is it a HotSpot, GameObject, or just part of a texture?

If it's HotSpot, then you can handle click events to do some action (in your case, hide it). … 1f1de5bc42

If it's a GameObject, then you can handle its events using a MonoBehaviour. … utton.html

If this is part of the texture, then you can check the pan and tilt of the cursor on the panorama, and if there is a table (you can check this by rectangle or polygon), then change the texture to a texture without a table.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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