Topic: uContext 2 Basic and Pro

We're excited to announce the second version of our favorite uContext asset.
uContext contains many tools for everyone and greatly improves the workflow in the Unity Editor. It doesn't matter if you are a level designer, programmer, artist, or just learning Unity. uContext can greatly improve your workflow.

We want anyone to be able to improve their experience with the Unity Editor and uContext v2 will have Basic and Pro versions.
The basic version will be free for everyone, and will contain almost all the features that uContext v1 has.
The Pro version will contain a huge number of deep improvements to the basic features and a few exclusive features that the basic version will not have.
All uContext v1 users will have a free upgrade to uContext v2 Pro.

We will announce the list of features that will have the Basic and Pro versions soon.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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