Hi guys,

It is clear that your Online Maps product is by far the superior asset for showing maps on Unity.

However I believe there is a niche which you could still exploit further.

If you could include some type of WMS /WFS / WCS/ CSW protocol support it would allow your product to become the only Unity asset for GIS purposes.

Another feature would be adding PGSQL support to obtain live map data direct from this database.

Most GIS platforms will support WGS84 so could start initially using this CRS.

This would allow your product combined with other assets and unity to compete with the likes of ESRI's cityengine -

Best regards




Sorry for the long answer.
We needed to think about it.

You can use WMS. I know a few projects that are already using it.

About WFS, WCS, CSW (and other standards):
Currently, there are a huge amount of different standards in GIS.
And most of them are used in a very specific purposes.
We will not add support for some standard, just because it is.
If you need of some standard for your real project, please contact us and we will add it.
But this must be really need for you.

About PGSQL (and other databases, and file system):
Storing and loading of user data is beyond of mapping solutions.
Each user has its own unique set of data and want to use different data sources.
I do not see a universal way to do it, so we will not add it at all.

About ESRI CityEngine:
This is a very interesting product.
But this requires a research of ways of integration.
If possible, we will add support for ESRI CityEngine in the future.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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No worries Alex, I may not have explained myself properly.

1. The WMS/WFS/WCS/CSW etc, some of these are different forms to get map data either raster or vector, I did not mean for you to support all of them.  Most GIS can serve multiple of these protocols so just having one of each type is that would be required.
Most of these just use a URL so a specific box to just paste this url would be great.

WMS is great but is a raster based protocol so data can be quite large.

2. Database is not for user data its for Map data, coords etc.
PGSQL using POSTGIS is the standard O/S platform for GIS systems.
POSTGIS allows spatial analysis within the database - extremely powerful and fast.

3. I did not mean for you to add cityengine support.
I meant that OnlineMaps can become a similar product by intregrating other popular assets from the asset store.

4. While I'm on the subject another common standard is the ESRI .shp file - it would be great to be able to overlay these over our maps.

Please also note that I am not requesting you add these features for me.

I just thought I would let you know how I believe you can evolve your product to become the ONLY GIS plugin for unity. It was for your benefit not mine.