Topic: Game window in full screen Scene mode like in Peek

Hi, I bought your uContext asset yesterday and I am very impressed.

I bought uContext because it has features that I wanted to see in Peek but peek is very basic in comparison to this.

There is however one thing I really need. That is in full screen scene mode I want to be able to bring up a resizable window within the full screen scene view. That means I can completely then work in full screen.

At the moment when I press play it switches to full game mode and I cannot then do anything in the scene as it is gone.

Peek can do this very well. But I want to stay with uContext because of all your fantastic features.

So being able to add to the context menu not just have hierarchy, project, bookmarks and inspector but also be able to have game mode screen and add any custom windows I want.

This would make uContext perfect.

I have some small other ideas that are not so important at this moment but I will let you know over time what I think and my ideas.
So please keep this asset going, it is very helpful.

Thank you

Re: Game window in full screen Scene mode like in Peek


You have two ways:
1. Use CTRL + SHIFT + Tab (OSX: COMMAND + SHIFT + Tab) to switch between Scene View and Game View, even if these windows are maximized.

2. I just created a thread of extensions where I will publish interesting things that will not be included in the main package.
This thread has a button (which I made for you) for the context menu for switching between Scene and Game Views.

The next version will have a setting to disable automatic switching to Game View.

Re: Game window in full screen Scene mode like in Peek

1. uContext Pause when switching (from full scene to game mode) is deactivated but it still pauses.

Thank you for your very quick answer and the extensions.

But I don’t think you understand me correctly as it should be like in peek where I am in full screen scene mode and have a small resizable game window in a chosen position and size in the full screen scene mode.
It is often necessary to view the game running and manipulate the scene at the same time. So like you did with a button to switch scene to game mode in the context menu it would also be great to create a tab game window from that menu.

I found out, that I can duplicate the game tab, resize it and lay it over the full scene mode which is exactly what I wanted, so working. But as said a button to do this in the context menu would be perfect or even let us add our own stuff like the game mode or a settings panel from another asset.

Thank you, I will be writing you a very good review for the asset store later on as I am already happy to have gotten support. And the asset is wonderful.

Re: Game window in full screen Scene mode like in Peek

1. This is a bug in uContext. Hotfix attached.
2. Unity Editor has built-in behavior for this.
Just press CTRL + 2 (OSX: CMD + 2) to open the Game View with maximized Scene View.

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