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Topic: AR 3D and 2D support with map

Hello ,
i need support or feature in map that support 3D object placement on Lat-Long and can find distance between user and that lat long, and user can view 3D object on AR camera. Even we can place 2D UI popup on latlong , and display in real world using AR Cam.

2D-3D prefab only instantiate once display in map , and destroy if distance is too long , and notification popup around 100m distance

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There are lots of Example Scripts , like GPS Example
i need to start map from User location and display custom marker location on map , user can view distance of that marker and get notification once it near any of marker or leaving.

is there any tutorial or example ?

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How to create a 3D marker:
http://infinity-code.com/atlas/online-m … ample.html

How to calculate the distance:
http://infinity-code.com/atlas/online-m … ample.html

See UI Bubble Popup example scene for how to create this.

To work with the user's location, add Online Maps Location Service component, and use Create Marker - ON.

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Got it, and done.

But yet not able to display 3D model on Lat Long, and display on AR Camera. Any help?

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Please describe your problems in more detail.