Topic: GoogleStreetView with location not working

The source code not even using the key at any where !!!???

        public GoogleStreetViewMetaRequest(string key, double longitude, double latitude, string language)
            string url = " … c_._dqzs51";
            url = string.Format(CultureHelper.cultureInfo, url, longitude, latitude, language);
            WWWRequest request = new WWWRequest(url);
            request.OnComplete += OnRequestComplete;

Re: GoogleStreetView with location not working


Just checked location requests, and on my side it works correctly.
Please send a location that does not work for you.

How exactly do you make the request?
Using Online Maps, Google Street View component, or API?
If using the API, please show your code.

The key is not currently used in the request.
The key is present so that when / if Google updates access points, we can easily update the asset without the need for users to modify their code.

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Re: GoogleStreetView with location not working

It works now, just found that the order of lat/lng value is wrong.
It is a lot better if the field order is same as API.

- … view/intro
location can be either a text string (such as Chagrin Falls, OH) or a lat/lng value (40.457375,-80.009353).

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Re: GoogleStreetView with location not working

One follow up question, why the API key is not using ??
As far as I know, it should be a charged service, isn't it ??

Re: GoogleStreetView with location not working

Many lances were broken in the war of the order parameters.
If necessary, I can explain in detail why our assets have this order of parameters.

The key is not used because these requests do not require a key.
But, I think you're right, and the request should be registered.
A modified script is attached.

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