Topic: uContext v1.10 Released

uContext v1.10

We have released a new version of the asset with the Selection History tool, and many other improvements.

[Actions] Fixed Views and Cameras action when nothing is selected.
[Actions] Added a selection history action.
[Bookmarks] Added a keyboard shortcut to quickly open a window (CTRL + ALT + B).
[Bookmarks] Added alternative action for prefabs - open prefab.
[Bookmarks] Added context menu for items.
[Bookmarks] Improved restoring bookmarks.
[Component Window] Added the ability to quickly enable / disable component and GameObject.
[Component Window] Now the window, when opened, adjusts to the height of the content.
[Component Window] Improved reference clearing when recompiling or starting a scene.
[Context Menu] Added the ability to quickly enable / disable components.
[Hierarchy Icons] Added the ability to quickly add GameObject to bookmarks.
[Hierarchy Icons] The maximum number of displayed icons is limited (default is 6).
[Hierarchy Icons] Improved display of icons.
[Hierarchy Icons] If the icon for the C# script should be displayed, then instead the script name
will be displayed in Photoshop style (up to 4 characters), for example OnlineMaps - Om.
[Object Placer] When creating a UI of elements, if there is no Canvas, it will be created, and the element will be placed as a child of Canvas.
[Object Placer] Fixed exceptions in the presence of corrupted assets in the project.
[Search] Improved display when using Pro skin.
[Search] Fixed exceptions in the presence of corrupted assets in the project.
[Settings] Added settings for Bookmarks, Group, Replace.
[Settings] Added the ability to pick a window to add to the search blacklist.
[Switcher] If at the start of the scene the Scene View is maximized, it will automatically switch to the maximized Game View.
[Tools] Added a selection history tool.
[Unity] Added support for Unity 2019.3.
[Windows] Added Shortcuts window where you can explore all the shortcuts defined by uContext.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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