Topic: Map on mobile devices

Which map type would your recommend for the following requirements:
- 2D map
- Should work inside a ScrollView
- Current location should be visible
- Custom 2D Markers should be available
- Collision from Player and Marker should be recognized in a custom range

I was thinking about using a 2D map with SpriteRender Control. But I am not sure about the collision from player & marker. If this should be solved by Collision or maybe by comparing the long & lat.

Maybe somebody could has an idea how to start best with this.
Thank you!

Re: Map on mobile devices


You need a map inside ScrollView, so you need to use UI Image Control or UI RawImage Control.

If your Player is also a marker, as a collision is often considered a distance less than some value (for example, 10 meters). … 967641e475

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: Map on mobile devices

Thank you very much for your help!