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Our offline map has 4 zoom levels and the tiles around almost all borders in all zoom levels show pixelated as in the attached image. We checked and it seems that only the correct tiles were imported into the resources folder. Also, the coordinates of the map limits matches the upper+lower limits of the imported tiles. Would there be a cache loading tiles that were previously deleted? Any inputs?

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Re: Pixelated tile maps


It does not look like some kind of caching problem.
But you can still easily check this by disabling the Online Maps Cache component.

This is most likely one of two problems:
1. You are using Online Maps Limits \ Position Range Type - Center.
This checks for limits by the center point of the map, and the real boundaries of the map are slightly larger.
Try using Position Range Type - Border.

2. You do not have enough tiles, and the tiles of previous zoom levels are used at the borders.
This can be checked using Online Maps API.
Iterate all items in OnlineMaps.instance.tileManager.tiles and check the status of the tile. … 5a04ae9f94

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Infinity Code Team.

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Re: Pixelated tile maps

Thanks. Great to know about the use of tiles from previous zoom levels. Issue fixed.