Topic: uContext v1.9 Released

uContext 1.9

We have released a new version of uContext asset with many new features and improvements.

[Actions] Add Component action moved to window section.
[Actions] Cameras And Focus renamed to Views and Cameras.
[Behaviours] Added support for undo the drag and drop UI prefab on Canvas.
[Bookmarks] Now bookmarks can store objects of any type (GameObjects, Components, Assets).
[Bookmarks] Fixed the loss of the bookmark reference when restarting Unity Editor.
[Bookmarks] Improved performance.
[Bookmarks] Added ability to drag items from Bookmarks window.
[Bookmarks] Added grouping under objects in the scene and in the project.
[Bookmsrks] Added support for Camel Case Search.
[Breadcrumbs] Added ability to quickly switch enabled of the GameObject.
[Context Menu] Added ability to drag components.
[Context Menu] Added the ability to not disable the context menu in play mode.
[Component Window] Fixed clearing of references to editor.
[Create Browser] Added models in the project.
[Create Browser] Fixed selected item when returning to root when bookmark items are present.
[Create Browser] Added support for Camel Case Search.
[Create Browser] Improved performance.
[Hierarchy] When hovering over an element holding CTRL, the components for GameObject under the cursor will be displayed + button to add a new component.
[Preview] Fixed memory leak.
[Replace] Added hotkey to replace GameObjects (CTRL + SHIFT + H).
[Search] Added the ability to search by Window menu items.
[Search] Improved performance.
[Settings] Fixed switching object placer.
[View Gallery] Added support for multiple Scene View.
[View Gallery] Fixed memory leak.
[View Gallery] Added ability to create view state from scene view and cameras.
[View Gallery] Added ability to rename view state.
[View Gallery] Added confirmation when removing items.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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