Topic: UPano, Insta 360 and Oculus Quest

I am wanting to do some activities with students where they will capture video and images using Insta 360 One or One x. I then want to create virtual/interactive tours that can be viewed and operated through an oculus Quest headset. The students are in the main, technically challenged, The school I m teaching in is very remote.
Is this a suitable app for achieving Interactive tours that include images and 360 videos.

Re: UPano, Insta 360 and Oculus Quest


Yes, it is quite possible to implement using uPano.

One small thing (maybe this is important):
uPano is a Unity asset, not an application.
The difference is that an asset can be modified in any way and gives you MUCH more options, but at the same time it requires you to know Unity Editor and C# (in this case, because you will need to implement reading textures and video from the file system).

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Infinity Code Team.

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Re: UPano, Insta 360 and Oculus Quest

Hi Thankyou for your prompt response. I was aware that it was an asset as I have used Unity previously at my last school. I was just looking for something cheaper (schools get a free version of Unity). The kids I am teaching have very little interest in technology, yes you read that right, apart from playing some online game.
I watched a tutorial that you created for another post and it seemed relatively easy to create a tour with hot spots.
I think I will give it a go, just got to get some money from the boss.