Topic: Make marker ignore press event


in a Tileset control I draw a 2D marker for each poi and 2D marker for the user, the problem is that when the user is over a poi I can no longer interact with that poi because the user marker is in the middle.

I would like to know if it is possible to make a marker ignore the press event.


Re: Make marker ignore press event


You have two ways:
1. Create a class that inherits OnlineMapsMarkerFlatDrawer, override GetMarkerFromScreen method so that it ignores the user marker, and at start set the instance to OnlineMapsControlBase.markerDrawer.
This way does not affect the display of markers.

2. Use OnlineMapsMarkerFlatDrawer.markerComparer to change the display order of the markers, and move the user marker below the other markers.
Example: … ample.html

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