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Topic: Language Non English

i have 3 Questions

1-my app supposed to work on android and ios.. clients will use our two traditional languages (Arabic & Hebrew)
i made a script that got the address as input . and make a search .then if find it then it will create a remark Point.
right now all is ok (just if i type the address in english language) . so if i typed same address in arabic or hebrew it does'nt find  it .
any idea for solving this big problem ?
2-is there any script that i can use it for Searching autocomplete (not web) ?

3-if some one sent me via WhatsApp a location attach .. is there any way to import that attach to my app and set that location as Remark ?

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1. https://developers.google.com/maps/faq#languagesupport
http://infinity-code.com/doxygen/online … 8e45c2b910
https://forum.infinity-code.com/viewtop … 2582#p2582

2. http://infinity-code.com/atlas/online-m … ample.html

3. Parse the coordinates from the string, and create a marker.
http://infinity-code.com/doxygen/online … eeb2cf8bed

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1- back to first Quistion ..but this functions it work just for the return result .. what about using like that :
It doesn't work !!!!
If I am wrong Can you send me any simple example please about using other languages on search
And simple example of how to open json file .

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OnlineMapsGoogleGeocoding.Find(new OnlineMapsGoogleGeocoding.GeocodingParams("حيفا")
    // The language in which to return results. 
    // https://developers.google.com/maps/faq#languagesupport
    language = "ar",

    // The region code, specified as a ccTLD ("top-level domain") two-character value.
    // This parameter will only influence, not fully restrict, results from the geocoder.
    // https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/geocoding/intro#RegionCodes
    // region = "eu" <--- Your region, to be honest, I don’t know which one
}).OnComplete += OnComplete;
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Infinity Code Team.

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So the location  attached file in the whatsapp is a json format file and I can open it in my app by using loadsetting() function ?

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some thing wrong with this code

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