Topic: 2 questions : icons + MapBox custom styles

Hi Alex,

1. as you can see in these screen captures, RWT icons disappeared... Any way to fix this issue?

PunBB bbcode test

2. Is there a way to download other styles ( from MapBox provider ? Only 3 are available  in the RWT Window...

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Re: 2 questions : icons + MapBox custom styles


1. Have you moved Real World Terrain to another folder?
In the current version, RWT is looking for icons in “Assets / Infinity Code / Real World Terrain / Icons /” folder.
Make sure the icons are there.

2. You can use any Mapbox style.
Select Provider - Mapbox, Type - Map, and specify your user id, map id and access token.
What is user id and map id: … 5309#p5309

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Infinity Code Team.

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