Topic: Playmaker actions for UPano ?

Hi Alex,
It could be interesting to create some playmaker actions for Upano. I need for instance an action to easily change the Top /Front/Left/Bottom/Right/Back textures, if possible with only one name (using the syntax .right, .top...) and the folder path where the textures (or jpg or png files) are stored. If the textures could fade (to each other or via a color) of course it would be great...
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Re: Playmaker actions for UPano ?


What you described looks like a transition to another panorama.
To make the transition between panoramas you do not need a playmaker or C#.
This can be done using an inspector.

In addition, if you just change the textures, this will leave the existing hotspots and directions.

Re: Playmaker actions for UPano ?

Hi again,
Thanks for your answer, but what I would like to do with Upano is to automatically extract images (for instance 512x512 pixels) from a lot of 400 MPixels 360 photos, with the Take screenshot PMaker action. Panos names + pan tilt zoom values are in a database, images are extracted, and then I can manage hotspots to display these details in a tour. So I don’t care about hotspots remaining at the same position.

Including some PM actions would give the ability to build automated virtual tours : I mean the camera turns to a specific pan/tilt/zoom value, then an audio plays, camera position changes, a photo or a text is displayed, then transition to another panorama… This could be an innovating feature that I have never seen in Unity assets, and you can even extract a 2D movie.

Re: Playmaker actions for UPano ?

We will add integration with Playmaker.
This will be useful in some cases.
Development will take 1-3 weeks.

However, loading a texture from a file goes beyond the panoramic asset, and you will need to use other Playmaker actions, to achieve this. … ic=11083.0