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Topic: Tile To Coordinates with float zoom

Hi, I am making an app that shows some pois on the map and then draws a circle around each poi with its range (The user has to be inside the range to interact with it).

The circles have a fixed radius that has to be refreshed accordingly with the zoom of the map, I use a code that I found in this post:
http://forum.infinity-code.com/viewtopi … 3651#p3651

My code:

private void UpdatePoiRangeCircle(MyMarker myMarker)
        OnlineMaps mapInstance = OnlineMaps.instance;
        Vector2 distanceBetweenTileCorners = OnlineMapsUtils.DistanceBetweenPoints(mapInstance.topLeftPosition, mapInstance.bottomRightPosition);
        float radiusInPixels = (myMarker.poi.range / 1000f) * OnlineMapsTileSetControl.instance.sizeInScene.x / distanceBetweenTileCorners.x;
        float r = radiusInPixels / OnlineMapsUtils.tileSize;

        float step = 360f / poiCircleSegments;
        double x, y;
        myMarker.OMmarcador.GetPosition(out x, out y);
        OnlineMapsProjection projection = mapInstance.projection;
        projection.CoordinatesToTile(x, y, mapInstance.zoom, out x, out y);

        for (int i = 0; i < poiCircleSegments; i++)
            double px = x + Mathf.Cos(step * i * Mathf.Deg2Rad) * r;
            double py = y + Mathf.Sin(step * i * Mathf.Deg2Rad) * r;

            // Old way (Online Maps v2.3):
            // OnlineMapsUtils.TileToLatLong(px, py, map.zoom, out px, out py);

            projection.TileToCoordinates(px, py, mapInstance.zoom, out px, out py);

            myMarker.poiCircle.points[i] = new Vector2((float)px, (float)py);


This works fine but the problem is that when zooming in or out the circle doesn't update correctly until it reaches an int value of the zoom.

I attached a video of what's happening.

Is there any way to get the coordinates from tile position using a float zoom instead of an int zoom?

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Re: Tile To Coordinates with float zoom


Your link does not contain scripts.
Your code is insufficient for testing.

I understand correctly that you want to draw a circle with a radius in meters?
Example of how to do this:

using System;
using UnityEngine;

public class DrawCircleAroundMarker : MonoBehaviour
    public float radiusKM = 0.1f;
    public int segments = 32;

    private void Start()
        OnlineMapsControlBase.instance.OnMapClick += OnMapClick;

    private void OnMapClick()
        double lng, lat;
        OnlineMapsControlBase.instance.GetCoords(out lng, out lat);

        OnlineMapsMarkerManager.CreateItem(lng, lat, "Marker " + OnlineMapsMarkerManager.CountItems);

        OnlineMaps map = OnlineMaps.instance;
        double nlng, nlat;
        OnlineMapsUtils.GetCoordinateInDistance(lng, lat, radiusKM, 90, out nlng, out nlat);

        double tx1, ty1, tx2, ty2;
        map.projection.CoordinatesToTile(lng, lat, 20, out tx1, out ty1);
        map.projection.CoordinatesToTile(nlng, nlat, 20, out tx2, out ty2);

        double r = tx2 - tx1;

        OnlineMapsVector2d[] points = new OnlineMapsVector2d[segments];

        double step = 360d / segments;

        for (int i = 0; i < segments; i++)
            double px = tx1 + Math.Cos(step * i * OnlineMapsUtils.Deg2Rad) * r;
            double py = ty1 + Math.Sin(step * i * OnlineMapsUtils.Deg2Rad) * r;
            map.projection.TileToCoordinates(px, py, 20, out lng, out lat);
            points[i] = new OnlineMapsVector2d(lng, lat);

        OnlineMapsDrawingElementManager.AddItem(new OnlineMapsDrawingPoly(points, Color.red, 3));

Please note that when using Drawing API, you do not need to update points when changing the position or zoom of the map.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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