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Topic: Some improvements

1 - Almost infinite horizon (like with Google Earth)
2 - Scriptable labels
3 - Smooth loading of new tiles (both map and horizon) => Fade in
4 - Smoother zoom / pan just like Google Earth
5 - Vector tiles


Re: Some improvements


1. This suggestion is too general.
If you have more specific suggestion on how to implement this, we can discuss this.
Currently there is only a Horizon script.

2. This feature is in the plans, and in future versions we will definitely implement it.

3. Horizon is just an example script.
This is not part of the engine and it will not develop (at least in its current form).
Fade for map tiles will not be implemented as part of the engine, because it is very expensive for performance.
If you want, you can do this using API.
Example of this is here on the forum.

4. Unfortunately, I did not understand this suggestion.
Online Maps already has a float zoom for all controls.
Or do you mean inertia?
If so, then the example of inertia of movement is in the atlas of examples.
Example of the inertia of the zoom will be here soon:

5. http://forum.infinity-code.com/viewtopic.php?id=1303

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Infinity Code Team.

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