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Does Online MapV3 have any kind of demo I can test in unity? Paying 80 bucks not knowing for what. Not the best deal

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Im using Mapbox now and it has some problems i cannot solve. Not sure if your plugin will help.

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Unfortunately, Online Maps does not have a demo or trial version.

You, and any other customer, have two weeks to test.
If the asset is not suitable for you, has any problems, or you simply do not like it, contact us and we will make a refund.
Previously, it was in the rules of Asset Store, but now it is removed.
We’ll add this to the asset description, because I believe it’s fair for scripting assets.

If you are not sure if any asset is suitable for your project, the easiest way is to give the asset developer a short description of the required features.
The official answer is an excellent argument for you if the publisher (I mean any publisher of Asset Store) does not want to make a refund.

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Thanks Alex,
I want to create an Air - Terrestrial and Sea + AR 3D Multiplayer simulator. With real map over a very large area with high resolution + offline, (the maps must be downloaded in advance to a local server).

I need to add on the map an ocean (s) with buoyancy.

1) Can one of your product suit my needs, notably: Online Maps or Real World Terrain
and if necessary, supplement with other assets to be acquired from the asset store.

2) Can the map be infinite?

3) Can I start the simulation on a map, and if necessary switch to another existing map from the local server (offline), depending on   the position of each player.

3) which ocean (asset)  to use with your products.

4) moving objects (planes - boats ...) must permanently display their positions (PH, G, Height), heading and speed.

Thank you very much for your help.

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1. Theoretically, what you have described can be done using any of these assets.
In practice, if question 2 is not critical, I would choose Real World Terrain (RWT).

2. Online Maps - yes, you'll just make a circle around the Earth.
RWT - no. Only the area that you will generate.

3. Online Maps - yes.
RWT - This question is not applicable to this asset because you will already have all the terrains in the project.

3.2. Online Maps - none.
The map simply displays the texture of the tile and does not know what kind of surface is at each particular point.
But if you have development experience, there can be some workarounds.
RWT - any. As far as I know, all water assets support regular terrains.

4. Both assets have an API for converting coordinates to Unity World Position and vice versa.
Using Online Maps, you can also make objects as 3D markers, and they will automatically be positioned in the scene.
For both assets, you will need to calculate the speed yourself.

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Thanks Alex and Thank you for your quick response.

I have other questions:
1) Are all APIs valid in Online Maps valid in RWT, including the examples cited in OnlineMaps Atlas Of Examples.
2) Do I have to pay for each update?

Thank you

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1. Both assets have their own API, so none of the examples for Online Maps will work for RWT.
2. No. You buy an asset once, and you will receive all future updates (even ten years later) for free.

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Thanks Alex

I looked in the asset store to see RWT and I found, that it can integrate with Online Maps.
1) What does this mean.
2) In a a project with Online Maps + RWT , can i use all of their API with the maps downloaded by the two products.
3) what is the maximum size of the maps (at high resolution) used by RWT.

Thanks for your help and your quick responses.

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1. In general, this means using Online Maps as mini maps.
Very often, users find many ways to combine these assets.
It all depends on your needs and experience.

2. Yes, but Online Maps API will only work on Online Maps, and RWT API only for RWT.

3. Your question is incorrect, but I’ll answer your question as you asked it:
For maximum heightmap quality - 41x41 km per terrain.
For maximum texture quality - 2x2 km per terrain without Huge Texture, and 6x6 km using Huge Texture.
I repeat that your question is incorrect, and these values do not mean anything in real use.

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Thanks Alex.

1) Several maps generated by RWT, can they be combined to form a single map.

2) I saw the video "Creation of huge areas, using Real World Terrain by Infinity Code" whose size is 70000 km², and you increased the resolution of the texture of the terrain 14x19 to 4096x4096.
Is there an API in WRT (or script), to automate this process for all the lands on the map to bring their textures to this resolution.

4) What improvement can "Huge Texture asset" bring to WRT.  (Can it improve the resolution of textures or just their size ?).


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1. The answer depends on what you mean by a “single map”.
These will be separate seamless objects (terrains).

2.1. RWT can generate any area in any resolution.
The main question is, do you have so much video memory to work with this?!
Only textures for this video in 4k resolution will use almost 18 gigabytes of video memory.
And terrain contains many other maps (heightmap, detailmap, controlmap, etc.) that also require memory.
So do not forget about rationality when using this asset.


4. The size and resolution of the texture is same thing.
When using Huge Texture, you can generate textures up to 2GB per terrain.
2GB is about 0.715 gigapixels or 26624x26624px for square texture without transparency.
But the texture may be not square.
Will this improve the quality of textures? Yes, if there are good quality of source tiles for your area.
How much will this improve quality? Huge Texture can improve quality of texture up to 3.25 times.

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Thanks for your quick responses.

If I understand correctly, TWR  slice very high resolution heightmaps & imagery files into tiles (terrains) suited for streaming. And
not the whole map is loaded, but only the concerned terrains (tiles), which does not require as much video memory. Please correct, if I am wrong.

Sincere friendships.

Sincere friendships.

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No, RWT does not slice heightmap & imagery.
The minimum piece you can have is one terrain with the settings you specified.
When you generated the grid (as in the video you mentioned) of terrains, you can split the terrains into scenes using World Streamer (a third-party asset), but in any case you will have a piece is one terrain.