Topic: What is happening to my mesh?

No matter what i change in my settings for the plugin my mesh continues to get a zig zag edge as seen on the picture.

How to fix that?

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Re: What is happening to my mesh?


Try to increase the heightmap resolution.

If the problem persists, please send us your mesh (as a package) and a screenshot Mesh to Terrain to
We will check this and give you recommendations how to fix the problem.

Re: What is happening to my mesh?

I tried to increase the heightmap resolution to 4097 and I think it helped a little but no way near to fix the problem.

But I don't understand that the mesh is being divided into smaller pieces even though the faces are all quads or triangles.

I have uploaded a new image with the new heightmap resolution - and I will email you the mesh and a screenshot for my Mesh to Terrain settings?

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