Topic: Map not rendering after v3 update


I just updated my Online Maps package from 2.5 to Since the update, the map stopped rendering in one situation.

- In the faulty scene, there are two cameras, one of them is used for the map
- At the start of the scene, the map GameObject is disabled after it finishes initializing
- When the user presses a button, the map is activated and the cameras are switched
- The camera switching works, but the map never starts rendering (in the editor, it only appears as an empty wireframe mesh)

After the update, the map object was broken due to missing scripts but it got fixed once I added a Tileset control script. Note that I have another scene where there is a single camera and the map is always the "main" view. In this case, everything works nicely.

Is it a known issue? If not, how can I track the source of the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Map not rendering after v3 update


I have never seen a such problem.
If possible, please send your scene as a package to us (
I will check why this is not working correctly.
To be clear:
I do not need your working project. I need ANY project where the problem is appears.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: Map not rendering after v3 update

Found the issue. It is related to the update but was due to me not cleaning up properly some event handlers. Basically, I had a listener on the "OnPreloadTiles" action in OnlineMaps. After the update, this action was moved to another class and became a static action. I believe the static modifier causes "OnPreloadTiles" to preserve its list of listeners when a new scene is loaded. However, these listeners are evidently destroyed in the transition. Thus, I had a NullPointerException occurring when OnPreloadTiles was invoked and it caused the rendering process to fail.

Short version: remember to unsubscribe from OnPreloadTiles once you're done with it, for example in an OnDestroy() call smile