Topic: uContext v1.5 Released

uContext 1.5

uContext v1.5 changelog:
[Actions] Removed Create Empty Child from Create action.
[Behaviours] Fixed Add Component Behaviour on Unity 2019.1.
[OSX] Improved and fixed default keyboard shortcuts for OSX. See the documentation for new shortcuts.
[Search] Added the ability to search by scene and project at the same time (now this is the default tab).
[Search] Strongly optimized caching of objects and assets for search.
[Search] Added support for Camel Case Search. For example, enter DL to search for Directional Light.
[Search] Added support for searching by object type. For example, enter wa:te to search for 08. Waila texture in the project.
[Waila] Changed the style to display the names of objects for better readability.

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