Topic: Scaling bug meters to scale and reverse

I need to be able to switch the scale of my 3D markers to meters and update that correctly on demand.
However, if I currently adjust it from scale to meters, it makes the prefab slightly smaller. But if I adjust the scale number, it becomes way smaller, which seems the correct size.

It only updates when I change the scale float. I cannot find anywhere in the code where I can force it to update the scale. Is there a way to do this?
I tried:
But that throws all my scale adjustments away
I also tried marker.Update();
But that does not seem to do anything.

Is there anything I can do for this?

PS: Also, the scale of Marker A seems to adjust the scale of marker B someway. I'm not sure why this happens. Do you know anything for that?
(See attached video)

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Re: Scaling bug meters to scale and reverse

I cannot see the attached video now I posted it. I'm posting a link to it just to be sure:
(little bit incovenient you can only post 1 link per post).
Important to notice, if I call OnlineMaps.instance.Redraw(); it seems to draw everything in that large mode again. No matter that the marker.SizeType still all are set to meters. Maybe it has something to do with that, although I could not find why myself.

Re: Scaling bug meters to scale and reverse


Thank you for the bug report.
The problem has been fixed.
The new version will be available through the built-in update system in 24 hours.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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