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I want to offer the possibility to the user to select the provider and type of map he wants.

I'm using this example : … ample.html

So far so good, i'm dynamically loading all the providers in a dropdown menu, with a second dropdown just for the type of map.
It's working well with several providers, but not all of them. The reason is, i believe, that some of the providers need an api key and other don't.

I looked into the doc: … vider.html

but couldn't find a way to check if a key is needed / to provide the key. Could you point me a way to achieve that ?


Re: Change map type


You can set keys in this way:

using UnityEngine;

public class SwitchToProviderWithKey : MonoBehaviour
    private void OnGUI()
        if (GUILayout.Button("Set DigitalGlobe"))
            string mapTypeID = "digitalglobe.satellite";

            OnlineMaps.instance.mapType = mapTypeID;

            OnlineMapsProvider.MapType mapType = OnlineMapsProvider.FindMapType(mapTypeID);
            OnlineMapsProvider.ExtraField field = GetExtraField(mapType.extraFields, "accesstoken");
            if (field == null) field = GetExtraField(mapType.provider.extraFields, "accesstoken");

            if (field != null) field.value = "My DigitalGlobe Token";

    private static OnlineMapsProvider.ExtraField GetExtraField(OnlineMapsProvider.IExtraField[] extraFields, string token)
        if (extraFields == null) return null;
        foreach (var field in extraFields)
            if (field is OnlineMapsProvider.ExtraField)
                OnlineMapsProvider.ExtraField f = field as OnlineMapsProvider.ExtraField;
                if (f.token == token) return f;
            else if (field is OnlineMapsProvider.ToggleExtraGroup)
                var res = GetExtraField((field as OnlineMapsProvider.ToggleExtraGroup).fields, token);
                if (res != null) return res;

        return null;

Which tokens are needed for providers you can see in OnlineMapsProvider.InitProviders method.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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