Topic: uContext v1.2 Released

uContext v1.2 changelog:
[Actions] Added the ability to create a permanent or temporary camera from the Scene View.
[Actions] Added the ability to quickly set the view from the camera.
[Bookmarks] Bookmarks can now store GameObjects.
[Bookmarks] For Unity 2019+, you can toggle the visibility of GameObjects.
[Bookmarks] Added the ability to open the bookmark window from the menu.
[Core] When closing Unity Editor now closes all popup windows.
[Prefs] Added the ability to change the default window size.
[Prefs] Added the ability to restore default settings.
[Preview] Use the mouse wheel to switch between cameras.
[Preview] Use F in Preview to set the view.
[Search] Added the ability to not use the search on specified windows.
[Search] Now search by default is disabled for Bookmarks, Profiler and Settings.
[Search] Improved search algorithm.
[Temporary Objects] Implemented temporary objects that will be automatically destroyed in the playmode.
[Terrain Brush Size] Now it is disabled when Preview is active.
[Windows] Drag and drop Component into SceneView to open it in a separate window.

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