Topic: uContext v1.1 Released

uContext v1.1 changelog:
[Actions] Added the ability to create a parent object.
[Bookmarks] Added the ability to drag and drop components to bookmarks.
[Bookmarks] Improved Bookmark window.
[Bookmarks] Clear Bookmarks now ask for confirmation.
[Core] Fixed the problem of running for the interception of keys.
[Improvements] Improved Add Component by shortcut behaviour.
[Improvements] Improved drag and drop Texture to Canvas behaviour.
[Improvements] Improved drag and drop Sprite to Canvas behaviour.
[Improvements] Improved drag and drop Prefab with Rect Transform to Canvas behaviour.
[Search] Added a smart search for GameObject and components in the scene, and assets in the project.
[Waila] Waila now works built-in way, and will always show the correct GameObjects under the cursor.
[Zoom By Shortcut] Added the ability to fast zoom in / out Scene View.

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