Topic: uContext Released

Unique productivity toolkit, which can completely change or complement your workflow in Unity Editor.
uContext adds a context menu for Scene View, allowing you to quickly open the most useful windows, create objects, add components, navigate and do many more useful things.
You no longer need to keep the Inspector, Hierarchy, Project and other windows always open. Maximize Scene View and open windows when you really need it.

Main features:
- Unity 2018.3 - 2019.x;
- Open the context menu using right mouse button in SceneView or CTRL + Space in any window;
- Quick opening of Inspector, Hierarchy, Project windows;
- Opening windows in three modes: a popup window (it will be closed when the focus is lost), a utility or a tab;
- Opening any component in a separate window. The component will be available even if GameObject has lost the selection;
- The ability to add any component to your bookmarks, and quickly open it when you need it;
- Breadcrumbs;
- Quick navigation in the scene, without using Hierarchy window;
- The ability to quickly create an object and add a component;
- Quick actions with selected GameObject;
- Waila (What Am I Looking At) system;
- Smart Selection;
- Fast switching between Scene View and Game View;
- Preview of Main Camera in Scene View;
- Changing Terrain Editor brush size using the mouse wheel;
- Fully customizable context menu. You can disable any feature that you do not need;
- Built-in update system.

After using uContext, you will only have one question - why is this not implemented in Unity Editor out of the box?!

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Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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