Topic: Cannot download Online Maps v3.0.0.33

I updated from v2 to v3 yesterday.
I can see in unity that there is a new version available -> v3.0.0.33

The download start slowly (very slowly) and finish with an error after a few hundred of KB. I tried several time yesterday and again this morning. My internet is fine though.

As google chrome is giving this advice :

1 )Make sure your internet connection is working normally
2)Try to download the file later.
3)Contact the website owner.

well i'm contacting you. Is there another way to get the package ?

Re: Cannot download Online Maps v3.0.0.33


I just checked the downloading of this update, and it took me about one second.
I will keep in mind this signal, and if other users also have problems downloading updates, I will think about some other additional way to deliver the update.

Please send me by email ( your invoice number or order number, and I will temporarily upload this update for you on the dropbox and send you a link.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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