Topic: Online Maps v3 released. What's next...

Main changes:
- Smooth zoom for all controls;
- Integration with EasyTouch, Fingers - Touch Gestures, Touch Script, uPano;
- All the logic of markers, drawing element, tooltips, camera control, elevations is moved to separate components;
- Added support for ArcGIS and Mapbox elevations;
- The state saving system has been improved;
- Now you do not need to specify target for control. This is determined automatically;
- Support for DF-GUI and iGUI has been removed.

Online Maps v3 is released as a new asset because it has major changes in API.
All current users can upgrade for free.

Online Maps v2 has been deprecated.
If your project already uses Online Maps v2, you can continue to use it.
We will support this and release updates (using the built-in update system) until at least 2020.

Update from Online Maps v2:
- Close the scene (create a new one).
- Make a backup of the project.
- Remove Online Maps v2 (Assets / Infinity Code / Online Maps folder).
- Import the latest version of the asset.
- Follow the instructions in obsolete warnings to fix them.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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