Topic: Clustering 3D Prefab map marker gameobjects?

I have a similar issue, that you responded to here:

This is to do with clustering of 3D map markers. However in my case it's a tad more complex, as I am using prefab game objects that serve as the map markers. I am using prefabs, as management requires that the map markers have click tool tip and "long press" context menus. So each marker has it's own collection of panels, controls and code to do this.

Currently it is working without clustering, until I was told I would have to display upward of 100,000 markers at a time. Thus I need to implement a clustering solution, since they want this to run on an iPhone.

My questions are:

1. How much alteration to your code, in the above link, do I need to do?
2. Can I set up the clusters without having to instantiate the game objects, then removing them later?
3. Have any examples using prefab map markers?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Clustering 3D Prefab map marker gameobjects?

Just to clarify. I am using UI elements, with a combination of panels, text boxes, images, etc.

Re: Clustering 3D Prefab map marker gameobjects?


3D markers are not disigned to display UI elements.
The script for UI markers is attached.

Yes, you can modify the script to instantiate markers only when you need it, and destroy the GameObject when you no longer need it.
You need to modify only a few lines, and it is not difficult.

Example of the marker prefab: … 1.mp4?dl=0

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Re: Clustering 3D Prefab map marker gameobjects?

Thanks for your advice. I'll check out the script.