61 Map Scale

by mrfigueiredo

62 Making markers scale with map.

by Learning2Swim

63 Horizon issues

by Amen

66 Black map on restart

by vinzer

67 cvs data for popups

by cloudlessrain

68 Cache Tiles to Resource

by spinball

69 Disable floatZoom

by mrfigueiredo

70 Request for a demo

by yordan

71 offline elevation

by Amen

72 Resolution

by Amen

73 Can't create markers

by Learning2Swim

75 Map rotation

by paltin

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82 SetMapPosition

by Amen

85 GPX Example freeze Unity

by danielesuppo

86 distance & altitude

by Thibault

88 Airplane Altitude

by Amen

89 some clarification

by Amen