Topic: LockPositionAndZoom interact with OnlineMapsLocationSevice

Hello there.

I have some unexpected weird interaction while I am using OnlineMapsLocationSevice to center the map to my 3d marker location with LockPositionAndZoom. Once I delete this script from inspector it behaves as supposed to but when I have it there it simply locate the map on different point what is really weird and unexpected.

My OnlineMapTileSetControl is set to allow zoom and is set target. I also attached the screenshot of my map settings in inspector.

Anyone can help solve this issue?

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Re: LockPositionAndZoom interact with OnlineMapsLocationSevice


I checked the work of these scripts together, and did not see any problems.
Please describe your problem in more detail.
A small video will help to understand what is wrong.

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Infinity Code Team