Topic: No more Google texture ??? But Why ???

As I read in the documentation "The preset for Google Maps tiles has been removed, because it has a limit on the amount of downloaded data. But if you really want to use it, you can do it using Provider-Custom."
Why did you remove this preset ? Google is - for the area I am interested in - the best texture provider, much better than the others (and recent). Can you please describe the full process to download tiles from Google using "provider-custom"? Or reset it in the providers list ? It is easy to bypass the limit, just have to wait 24h between 2 downloading sessions...
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Re: No more Google texture ??? But Why ???


We removed the preset for Google Maps because many people are trying to use it for large areas in high resolution, exceed the limit, and write us about that it does not work.
We are very not happy about this.

How to use Google Maps:
1. Textures / Provider - Custom
2. URL:{x}&y={y}&z={zoom}
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Re: No more Google texture ??? But Why ???

Thanks Alex, but could you be more explicit please ?
I made several tryouts without success.
What are x and y values ?
Coordinates ? tiles width ? number of tiles ?
And zoom ? I changed these values without success...
How do I specify satellite / labels / relief ???

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Re: No more Google texture ??? But Why ???

I made for you a small video to show how it works: … 4.mp4?dl=0

{zoom}, {x}, {y} - it is a tokens that RWT replaces to the values (tile coordinates).

This URL is for satellite tiles without labels.
If you want a different type of map, simply find and replace URL of tiles as it shown in the video.

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